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Printed 9ml Conjoined Silicone Wax Jar Keychain

Customize your portable one-piece wax silicone case with the pattern you want

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Printed 9ml Conjoined Silicone Wax Jar Multi Colored Pattern Square Continuous Box

Small capacity wholesale color printing pattern cigarette accessories wax square one-piece box

Pattern Square continuous box printed 9ml conjoined silicone wax jar : Silicone oil/wax box is a good product to replace iron and copper boxes, and it is also a very popular product at present Silicone material products are safer and more environmentally friendly, can be tightened on the cover, the surface is plated, long service life, easy to carry, easy to clean, always bright and shiny, color and shape can be flexibly deployed according to requirements.

Silicone material itself is elastic, the printed 9ml conjoined silicone wax jar is flexible, not easy to change the shape, very solid.This is a small capacity convenient to carry oil wax silicone box, square shape. The lid is attached to the box,Such a design will not be lost because you use them without the lid being flexible. Different designs are printed on the top of the lid, so if you don’t like our stock patterns, we can print your favorite pattern for you.

The printed 9ml conjoined silicone wax jar is very small, conducive to carrying out. In the lower left corner of the box, there is a small hole, the rope can be threaded through, so you can take it anywhere, and do not have to worry about losing.All of our silicone products are food grade and have no odor, so you can keep your wax and tobacco inside,No need to worry about them being contaminated .

We also have cylindrical boxes, spherical boxes, Lego boxes and bamboo boxes with different capacities, if you are interested, please come and contact us, we are happy to serve you and solve your questions.

Material platinum cured silicone, non-toxic , eco-friendly
Specification 14.5g/38.5*38.5*12.5mm/9ml
Features heat-resistance , unbreakable , non-sticky
OEM/ODM Supported (color , size , logo , design ,etc)
MOQ for Custom 500pcs

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Contact Form Demo (#3)