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Printed Silicone Rolling Tray Rich color 15*20cm

Water transfer printed silicone rolling tray, soft and foldable. Non-stick surface makes it good for weed/dry herb collecting. Rich patterns in stock.

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Printed Silicone Rolling Tray Small Rectangle tray Popular Water Sticker Custom Printing Tobacco Smokeshop 420 Tray Smoking Weed Accessories

The Water sticker printed silicone rolling tray support 5 difference styles. They are mainly used in smoking places and are made for smoking enthusiasts. And often used to hold smoking accessories or tobacco. They are made of food-grade silicone and are absolutely safe and harmless to the body.

The water sticker smoking accessories are a very popular element and they bring a more and cooler style to the product. At the same time it has a high level of production technology. Smoking can be done more easily when you have a printed silicone rolling tray that does a great job of storing the items that smokers need when they smoke. Save time and effort for smokers.

About the printed silicone rolling tray : it is a regular size rectangle tray, the dimensions are 7.9in long and 5.8in wide. the silicone smoking tray is very soft and foldable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it during use. Compared to other materials of silicone trays, it is lighter in weight and easier to carry around and easy to use.

With good storage space, the printed silicone rolling tray is good to store some accessories for smokers. Like multi-purpose storage of wax tools, spoons dabber, torches, bowls, containers, small silicone pads smoking mat, titanium nails, and other accessories.

Heat resistant and easy to clean. yellowing at room temperature, no frosting, no white spitting, no fading, no limescale in water, no odour and so on. This printed silicone rolling tray has many uses as it has an integral storage space, so you can store large sized water bubbler and of course smaller sized smoking accessories of all kinds are supported.

Importantly, they also cost less to make than trays made from other raw materials! A great way to help you save money! These water sticker small rectangle printed silicone rolling tray are mainly used in smoking places and are made for smoking enthusiasts. They are often used to hold smoking accessories or tobacco. It is also suitable for use in all aspects of life.

Item Water sticker Silicone Small square tray
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual Opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 7.9*5.8in/201*148mm
Weight 162g
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