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Printing Patterns Straight Silicone Bong 14” Big

We have many different kinds of printing patterns straight silicone bong in stock, also can provide custom printing LOGO/Patterns services for you.

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Printing Patterns Straight Silicone Bong 14 Inches Smoking Gift Freaky Custom Printing Silicone Long Glass Water Pipes DAB Rig

This bong was made for festivals and outdoor activities. It offers large lungfuls of smoke, and it simply doesn’t matter if you drop it.

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These are Silicone Bongs pack the power of a bubbler, a standard bong, and a full blown water pipe.

This printing patterns straight silicone bong is made of durable silicone and feature a glass bowl and silicone downstem.

These Straight pipes are easy to clean and Portable It is a good choice for attending a friend’s party.


Available in multiple color options.

The printing patterns straight silicone bong water pipe with its glass bowl/downstem is great solution for traveling; The flexibility of the material permits you to crumble it without permanently deforming it. It is durable, affordable and enjoyable with friends or by a solo smoker.

Height: 36CM

Material: Silicone and 14mm glass downstem and bowl

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Contact Form Demo (#3)