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Quartz Banger 14mm Male Popular Pattern Nail bowl

Dab Accessories Quartz Banger 14MM Male Joint Smoking Tool Wholesale ! Use For Smoking Wax Oil Concentrate. Provide Custom Size & Shape.

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Quartz Banger 14mm Male Laser Patterns 90 degree Thick Wall Dab Smoking Accessories China Suppliers

Quartz Banger 14mm male dab Accessories, made of high quality quartz material, non-toxic and BPA free, Tasteless, non-corrosive, environmental and scientific.
Our quartz banger 14mm male are mainly used with smoking tools such as bongs or bubbler. Quartz banger smoking accessories are mainly used for smoking wax oil e-liquid and other types of products.

The design of this quartz banger 14mm male is the same as the design of traditional quartz banger accessories, which is transparent and consists of three parts. The first part of the design is the storage pot; the second part of the design is the curved connecting pipe in the middle; the third part of the design is the connection end with the bongs or bubbler smoking tool.

The storage pot part of the quartz banger 14mm male dab accessories, this part is mainly designed to store wax, oil, e-liquid and other products. The storage pot is round as a whole, and the bottom is designed with a flat bottom; on the inner side of the pot is the connecting hole of the corresponding curved connecting pipe, and this connecting hole is the channel for smoking.

The outside of the storage pot of this quartz banger 14mm male is a simple design, because the quartz storage pot looks transparent as a whole, so we can design patterns on the outside of the pot to make the storage pot look more beautiful.

The curved connecting tube in the middle of the quartz banger 14mm male fitting is used to connect the corresponding quartz storage pot and the connection end with the smoking tool. Its interior is a hollow design, which acts as a smoke channel for smoking.

The overall design of the connection end of the smoking tool of the quartz banger dab accessories is about 14MM. On the basis of the design, considering the stability of the connection, we designed the connection end as a size-gradient specification, which gradually increases from the bottom of the connection end to the outer diameter of the corresponding intermediate connecting pipe.

The advantage of this design is that it allows us to connect better and more firmly when connecting smoking tools such as bongs or bubbler, and can also ensure air tightness when smoking.

How to use our quartz banger 14mm male

We first connect the quartz banger 14mm male accessories with bongs or bubbler, select the connection port you need, and ensure that the connection is firm; by heating the placement groove part of the quartz banger storage pot accessories, you can use a heating spray gun to heat, and when you see the effect after heating, stop Heat up; then use a dabber tool or spoon tool to put wax, oil, e-liquid and other products into the heated placement slot.

We will also need to use another smoking accessory, the titanium nail cap.The function of the titanium nail cap is that when we put wax, oil, e-liquid and other products in the heated placement slot, we need to cover the placement slot,so that more smoke can be generated in the placement slot.
When smoke appears, we inhale it through the smoking implement.

We have a lot of customers who put a mini quartz ball in the storage pot of the quartz banger accessory, because of the suction when smoking, the mini quartz ball in the storage pot will rotate inside, which feels very cool.

Note: When using the heated spray gun and heated titanium nail accessories, pay more attention to the safety of use ! !

Our quartz banger 14mm male is made of high quality quartz material, you can use this quartz banger accessories with complete confidence.

Custom Order Supported !

Besides this quartz banger 14mm male, we can also custom different size, like 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm; different shape, like 45 degree, 60 degree, 30 degree; different thickness, like 2mm, 3mm, 4mm .etc

Welcome to contact us, we have various kinds of smoke pipes and accessories. I will send you a product catalog with price list and pictures. If you find something you like, I could offer you a full quote with shipment for reference, and help create order link or invoice for you.

Product Description : Smoking Wax Oil E-liquid Dab Quartz Banger Accessories
Material : high quality quartz;
Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly, Non-stick and Durable,Portable,High temperature resistance;
Shape : Round;
Weight : 25g/1pc;
Size : the diameter of the connecting end is about 14mm;
Accessories : None;
We can accept customize LOGO patterns on the product for you.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)