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R2D2 Silicone Bubbler Robot Bong Droid Cool 5.5”

Shaped like a small droid and standing 5.5″ in height, this R2D2 silicone bubbler water pipe features detachable components for easy storage.

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R2D2 Silicone Bubbler Durable Heat Resistant Water Pipe with Glass Bowl for Dry Herb Tobacco Smoking

Are you a big fan of Star Wars ? Don’t miss this unique and wonderful R2D2 Silicone Bubbler with Glass Bowl !

The R2D2 silicone bubbler robot bong is made of premium quality food grade platinum cured silicone which is of non stick and high temperature resistance. A 14mm female joint for your favorite attachments, a downstem diffuser to help mix smoke and water, and comes with a glass bowl to use your new pipe immediately.

The body of the robot bubbler is constructed from Glass with high heat resistance, thick glass make it no easy to break. Measures 140mm / 5.5 inches in height, this Robot R2D2 silicone bubbler can be easily put into a backpack for safe travel and easy transport, which means you can take it simply to smoke sessions and stoned parties.

The whole r2d2 silicone bubbler is detachable, including the legs, the head and the silicone downstem. The thick silicone legs enable it to stand stably. The glass part is airtight, strongly suitable for the silicone part, so water won’t leak out when enjoy your bubbly smoking. The silicone downstem has a 14 mm female, 90-degree joint, and the R2D2 bubbler comes with a removable 14 mm glass herb bowl with a matte male joint for a cleaner smoking experience.

How to set up this R2D2 silicone bubbler?

First Take off the lid and remove the silicone bowl holder and glass bowl, second step is to Insert the silicone bowl holder into the hole at the back and reattach the lid, finally fill with a little water (keep it below the hole) and insert the glass bowl into the silicone holder.

There is one thing to warn: just make sure the robot is resting on its base, not its legs. Position the legs on either side for more stability. When to use, simply load the 14 mm male glass bowl with your milled dry herbs, fire it up and inhale through the mouthpiece. The smoke gets filtered and cleaned as it is passed through the bubbly water, resulting in a clean hit that is packed full of flavor and less stimulation on the throat.

Inspired by the iconic R2D2, this bubbler is an ideal gift for any Star Wars fans that love to smoke. Its compact size and strong durable silicone makes this r2d2 silicone bubbler a great item to use when on the go. The durable R2D2 silicone bubbler offers a great fun when smoking and is perfect for puff parties, smoke festivals, and road trips.

The bong comes delivered in 10 random colors, if you are looking for a cool and affordable new piece to share with your dear friends, this R2D2 silicone bubbler will be a great choices. Order your R2D2 Droid Water Pipe Silicone Bubbler with Glass Bowl today at Siliclab for an unbeatable price while stocks last!

SKU: SYH0058
Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Bubbler
Height: 140mm / 5.5
Weight: 250g
Material: 100% Food Grade Platinum Cured Silicone + Borolicate Glass
Color: Random Color
Base: Round Base and Two Legs
OEM: Logo Custom, Color Custom
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Lighter/Torch, Tobacco Grinder, Herb Bowl, etc.

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