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Rectangle Bamboo Rolling Tray 17cm X 9cm X 1cm

Rectangle Bamboo Rolling Tray 17cm X 9cm X 1cm, light weight, easy to clean and easy to carry out, is a very good partner for cannabis collection.

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Rectangle Bamboo Rolling Tray SIliclab Factory Wholesale Weed Hemp Collection Tray for Tobacco Weed Smoking

Classic old-fashioned smoking accessories – rectangle bamboo trays

This rectangle rolling tray is one of the most classic products since Ming, it is always known that the earliest smoking products are made of bamboo or wood. Such as: bamboo tray, bamboo ashtray, bamboo pipe, bamboo water pipe and so on, and the most bamboo tray in the most classic is the rectangular model of bamboo tray, our this product is the perfect retro products.

So when the user smokes, and some vintage pipes are used with it, this rectangle bamboo rolling tray will make the user have a feeling of going back to the past and make people enjoy it very much.

Why do you use bamboo rolling tray?
Because bamboo is a very durable material, and after some special treatment, it can be used for a very long time, because the density of bamboo is relatively large compared to wood, so moths and other insects will not easily damage the tray, so the choice of rectangular bamboo tray is a very, very good choice!

In addition, our bamboo material products are supported by laser printing of logos, which can provide customers with customized needs to meet branding.

Item Rectangle Bamboo Rolling Tray
Material Pure Bamboo
Packaging Opp Bag + Carton
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 175mm*88.5mm/6.9in*3.5in
Weight 67g
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