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Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid Rectangle 10.8”

High quality printed metal rolling tray with magnetic lid various anime patterns. Magnetic lid helps you close and carry your tray without spillage.

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Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid SILICLAB Weed Accessories Tobacco Pipe Smoking Shop Pre Rolled Metal Rolling Tray with Lid

Perfect for use with rolling Paper of tobacco pipe and smoking accessories although just as handy to not mess herbs when using a grinder. This Metal Tray with Magnetic Lid can help you collect and organize all those items.

SILICLAB are the easiest way to get all your stoner attributes like rolling papers, filters, and more in your metal rolling tray. Multiple sizes, to fit any metal rolling tray, plus they feature our most popular rolling tray designs so you can mix or match styles.

Made of good quantity metal, you can rest assured that this rolling tray with magnetic lid can be used for a long time.
The size of the metal tray is 10.8*6.9*0.9Inch.It is a suitable size for travel and can be placed anywhere.
This uniquely designed rolling tray . This is a great way to store Smoking Accessories and other things that may bring a pleasant experience.

Rolling tray to roll your joints or prepare your pipe/bong,weed accessories
Product sizes:275*175*23CM

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Contact Form Demo (#3)