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Seahorse Silicone Bubbler Bong Vivid Eyes 5.9”

The perfect blend of stylish and functional, this seahorse silicone bubbler pipe is sure attract eyes while remaining one of your most trusted pieces.

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Seahorse Silicone Bubbler 5.91 Inch Hand Size Silicone Smoking Pipes Hookah Glass Water Bong

This seahorse silicone bubbler has a stylish and functional design. It will quickly become one of your best smoking accessories and is sure to attract eyes and get you compliments from friends and family.

The food grade silicone of this seahorse silicone bubbler is versatile and durable for any situation, land or sea. Standing at 5.91 inches tall, its intricate and detailed design gives you the same unique flair you might get from hand blown glass, without having to worry about damaging a fragile and delicate piece.

Take a dive with this quirky and fun seahorse silicone bubbler. If you could smoke underwater, this would be the bong to do it.

The seahorse silicone bubbler is a revolutionary smoking accessory made from high-temperature resistant silicone material. You can torch up your herbs, concentrates, and other mixtures of your choice as hot as you want without the fear of melting or inhaling harmful toxins.

Not so many water pipes can boast of so much beauty and functionality as the seahorse silicone bubbler. This tool features water diffusing technology that eliminates the hot smoke that every smoker hates to inhale. This water diffuser filters the smoke by passing it through hundreds of bubbles and then leaving the smoker to enjoy an exceptionally cool and clean hit all the time.It features a down stem and glass herb slide that makes loading your herbs and concentrates effortlessly. You will never lose a pinch of your favorite herbs, no matter what happens.

The seahorse silicone bubbler is portable and easy to clean and store. The seahorse head doubles as the mouthpiece and is easily detachable for refilling water and cleaning when it gets dirty.
Although the seahorse bubbler looks small in size, no matter how much water you fill it with, you will never taste water or have water get in your mouth while you smoke.
If you are the type who loves to smoke your favorite blunts with your friends, puffing and passing and sharing every smoking moment, then the seahorse silicone bubbler might be your best shot.
The seahorse silicone bubbler can add its magic to whatever herbs, concentrates, and other mixtures you love to smoke.

This 5.91 inches tall seahorse silicone bubbler with beautiful colors to pick from will serve as the ideal gift to your friends who would love to share a new level of smoking experience with you.

Premium Silicone Seahorse Molded Water Pipe
Matching Dry Herb Bowl
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