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Short Silicone Straight Bong 10.6” 2 piece Pipe

Short Silicone Straight Bong has a thick tube to storage enough smoke. Smoking with it, the shorter height can help you inhale the smoke quickly.

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Short Silicone Straight Bong Multi-use Tobacco Smoke Glass Smoking Accessories Water Bong Smoking Pipe

The main body of the short silicone straight bong water pipe is a combination of 2 parts, The upper part can be detached. when use need to be with a 10cm downstem and 14mm bowl smoking accessories.

Short water pipe straight bong, it is 0.9inch high, compared to large water pipe it is smaller in size. But because of its small size, it’s lighter in weight. and easy to pick up, store or carry around. When using it, it’s also possible to finish the smoking process as quickly as possible because of its short length, those are the product advantages.

Short silicone straight bong consists of 2 parts, both made of food-grade silicone. The top of the silicone smoking water pipe and the lower section we have taken can be separated style, which means that the top can be removed or installed at will. This design also gives the lower section of this hookah a more matching difference styles, so that its lower section can be assembled with many glass filters smoking accessories, thus combining them into different styles of straight bong water pipes.

This short silicone straight bong is the most functional and practical, and if you want a bong, I think you can have it first!

Once you have the short silicone straight bong, how do you use it ?

First, you need to have a 10cm downstem and a 14mm smoke bowl smoking accessories. Then put the accessories into the small diameter port of the water bong.(This small diameter port is located on the side of the water bong). This way a complete water bong will be assembled.(About the accessories, you can choose silicone downstem or glass, as long as the size match are available. The 14mm bowl for storing tobacco weed is also).

Second, you need to fill the short silicone straight bong with more than half a jug of water inside is a very important part of the process. Because in use, the smoke passes through the stem, then filtered through the pot of water, and then inhaled into the mouth, so that the impurities in the smoke can be removed, including the nicotine inside the smoke and so on, also allows for better filtration of smoke when smoking.

Bringing you healthier smoking! SILICLAB still support many difference styles smoking accessories. Like this 10.6 inch short silicone straight bong. If you don’t like the monotonous silicone color scheme, We also have do one style of the water transfer printing style. In this we support 10 colors. And we are support 7 styles in water transfer printing style. If you just don’t like the color of our silicone, that’s no problem, we support customization for you, only need to tell me the color of silicone you like.

A professional manufacturer of silicone smoking items in China for over 10 years. We can produce samples quickly for you checking! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Item Short water bong
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual opp bag package
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 0.9inch/270mm
Weight 394g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)