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Siliclab Plastic Grinder

A new plastic grinder with two uses in one

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Chinese manufacturer of smoking accessories tobacco hay plastic with storage jar grinder

This grinder consists of three parts, the lid, the storage jar, and the bottom part of the grinder.It has a lightness that the metal grinder does not have, as well as a bright sense of color. Although it is made of plastic, it has fifteen grinding teeth at the top end and thirteen at the bottom end, so the hay can be fully grinded by putting it inside, and the effect is not inferior to the metal grinder at all. Have it, equivalent to have a storage jar, grinder two products,Such a combination of design, not because there are too many tools and take up space, very space-saving. If you want your grinder to be different from others and have your own style, then you can print your logo or favorite pattern on the lid or on the wall of the bottle.When you are done using it, if you want to clean it, you can use water to clean it directly without worrying about rust and corrosion, and you can keep it clean for a long time. In terms of price convenience, this product is less than one-fifth of the price of the metal grinder, in addition, it also comes with its own storage jar, compared to this plastic grinder is very cost-effective. This is a very good smoking accessories product. You will not regret having it.

Specification 9cm/46g
Usage Grind and storage tobacco hay
Features Unbreakable, Non-toxic, Non-stick surface, Easy to use and clean
Logo OEM ODM Available
Place of Origin Guangdong/China
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Contact Form Demo (#3)