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Silicone Bong Brush Water Pipe Cleaner Ø48mm|32cm

Silicone bong brush made of soft food grade silicone, eco-friendly and durable. It’s suitable for washing all kinds of water bong, dab rig or bubbler.

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Silicone Bong Brush Water Pipe Accessories Silicone Bottle Cleaner – Long Handled Antibacterial BPA Free Bottle Brush

Silicone Bong Brush Cleaner, our kitchen uses food-grade silicone cleanser, which is comfortable, safe, odorless and easy to cleaner.

With its 12.8” long, non-flexible silicone bristle head, our water bottle silicone bong brush gets deep down into tall, narrow containers such as insulated water bottles, flasks, thermoses, baby bottles, vases and skinny glassware.

Silicone cleaner tool, a long-handled used in the home. Easy to clean and store,The silicone bath brush is rinsed with water to make it dry quickly. The handle is designed with hanging holes, so you only need to clean it after use and hang it in a dry and ventilated place.

Purchase with confidence,Your purchase is your trust in us, and we will also provide you with perfect after-sales service. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us in time, we will quickly complete the return and refund for you.

HOW TO USE the Silicone Bong Brush :

As silicone is non-absorbent, it cannot lather-up like a sponge. For best results when using our bottle brush, just add warm, soapy water to your container first, and then scrub away.


Our silicone bong brush water bottle cleaner repels unpleasant odors and stains – unlike sponge and nylon brushes that fall apart, and get smelly after a few uses. This bottle scrubber prevents nasty grime build-up which is more hygienic and healthier for your


The easy-clean, non-scratching bristles of our 12.8” long bottle cleaning silicone bong brush are tough on gunk, yet gentle enough to leave your favorite vase, glass water bottle, pitcher, blender and delicate glassware clean and scratch-free.

brush convenient for washing silicone bong brush adopt Straight -shaped design, super long curved handle design, matte non-slip handle, more comfortable to hold, clean brush long handle for Various bottles, easy to clean, suitable for anyone use it easily.

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