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Silicone Carb Cap

What is this?

This is a silicone cap that is used to cover the quartz bowl when it is burning wax to prevent the wax from volatilizing too quickly due to high temperatures.

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Colorful Quartz Banger DAB Silicone Nails Cap for Smoking Water Pipe

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What is this shape?

The bottom part is a beehive shape and the top part is a bee sucking on the honey pot, just like the user enjoys the fun of the wax, the bee sucking on the honey pot is the same feeling. The lower part of the honeycomb shape has an additional part, which is designed because during the heating process of the wax, the lid needs to be rotated continuously to try to get some air into the quartz bowl so that the wax can be fully evaporated. The extra part of the lid is designed to maintain a stable height to increase the air entry, and on the other hand, the lid will not fall down due to tilting when it is covered with the quartz bowl.

Why did you choose it?

Yes, there are many lids for quartz bowls, but most of them are made of glass quartz, and these materials have the disadvantage of being fragile, and they will break when the lid falls from the table to the ground due to carelessness during use. This product is made of silicone, so you don’t have to worry about the damage caused by dropping it. In addition, users may have a question: this is a silicone product, how is the heat resistance? Please rest assured that all our silicone products are of high quality and will not melt under normal use due to high temperatures.
This product is available in ten colors for you to choose, of course, if you are not satisfied with the ten colors we can also customize the color for you.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)