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Silicone Chillum Pipe Big One Hitter w/Cap 4.6”

The Glass Bowl Silicone Chillum Pipe is a larger size one hitter. Also when you have a 14mm titanium nail, it will become a dab honey straw.

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The Glass Bowl Hand Smoking Silicone Chillum Pipe is a larger size one hitter in smoking accessories that can accept the amount of smoke a smoker takes at one time. For its appearance, we chose one of SILICLAB typical and popular “Silicone smoking pipe+14mm tnail” honey dab rig, so we named this one hitter as “Titanium nail Pipe + Glass Bowl”.

Since this silicone chillum pipe has a glass bowl as an accessory, it’s been used for smoking tobacco weed. The advantage of the design is that the silicone smoking pipe is accompanied by a silicone cap that allows for better storage. When you are done smoking, you can attach the silicone cap, which will cover the glass bowl that the pipe carries, thus making it easier to carry.

Silicone chillum pipe also prevents the glass bowl from breaking accidentally. And can store tobacco in the silicone lid. Another advantage is that when you own a one hitter, you can also own a silicone smoking pipe dab rig. This can be done with a 14mm titanium nail.

When you have this smoking silicone chillum pipe, you can do any DIY installation you want, so it can help you to smoke tobacco weed or oil. Such a design can reduce the cost for customers. Let customers have the best usability of silicone bongs. In the production of raw materials, we always do food grade silicone. The quality of each product is guaranteed. And silicone smoking accessories are also very easy to clean.

Because this smoking silicone chillum pipe is a one-time smoking capacity, it is ideal for entry-level smokers or those who don’t want to smoke too much at once. Compared to other one hitter smoking accessories, both the size of the silicone stem and the capacity of the glass bowl to hold tobacco are larger, which also are advantages. On these advantages, it also supports customization because of the larger size of silicone stem, which can also present a better effect on logo or brand printing.

Item Titanium nail silicone smoking pipe + glass bowl
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 4.6*1.18inch/116.84*30mm
Weight 37g
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