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Silicone Downstem for Bongs Smoking 4.1” Adapter

The 4.1 inch silicone downstem is an accessory that fits a wide range of classic hookah styles, and it matches the 14mm glass or silicone bowl.

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Silicone Downstem for glass hookah water smoking pipes 4.1 inch downstem water bubbler pipes tobacco smoking accessories

Smoking accessories silicone downstem is an essential accessory for many water pipes. It plays a very important role in the smoking process, the raw materials used to make them are usually glass or silicone.

For different kinds of water pipes, there will be differences in accessory sizes. This silicone downstem is a common size in the market for a larger size water bongs. Its Length Dimension is 4.1inch/105mm, Suitable for various 14mm joints.

In the market of smoking accessories, generally more glass raw material smoking accessories, why do we take silicone to make it ?

Because silicone raw materials can bring more convenience and advantages !

Firstly, it effectively reduces the production cost, thus reducing the purchase cost for customers, can make people enjoy smoking at low cost.

Second, it effectively promotes the production capacity and saves the production time, It also saves labor.

Third, because it is silicone raw material, compared with glass material, it is resistant to fall, which reduces the loss rate when the product is used and makes the use time can be longer. It also can reduces the transportation cost because it is lighter than the products made of glass raw material, which also reduces the breakage rate in the transportation process.

Fourth, It can follow the temperature of about -40 ~ 220 degrees Celsius, heat resistance is very strong, but can not use the open flame to burn it directly.

Fifth, it can do custom printing, logos and brands design on the product.

SILICLAB also support custom other silicone mix colors of the product for you! This way can get multiple colors of sticks, giving smokers more options and matching.

Sixth, the production of silicone material can bring a variety of color matching options to the products. the products we made 11colors in the stock. the clear color is the most popular one. black is also very popular.

Seventh, it can be better cleaned, silicone can be folded or twisted at will, and the residual impurities on the silicone after smoking also can be cleaned off quickly and more cleanly. And finally, you can get a smaller size of silicone insert based on the size of this product, because it supports being cut. These are its advantages!

Item Custom Silicone Downstem Smoking Accessories
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 4.1in/105mm
Weight 11g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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