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Silicone Ghost Theme 5 Inches Mini Portable Bubbler

This cute ghost dry herb bubbler measures 4 inches / 10cm in height and is made by high chemical resistance and high-quality silicone. The united piece is equipped with a short, fixed diffuser silicone downstem that is enough to provide clean filtration and cooling.

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Siliclab Exclusive Ghost Cute Girly Smoking Water Pipe Mini Bubbler

This ghost looking silicone bubbler will stand out in your smoking collections. It is great for quick, snappy hits. Glow in the dark option is available with the colored accents in the following colors: yellow and blue.

No body will reject a bubbler that take on everything you need to used in a smoke session. On the side of downstem, you can find a slot holding a 56mm stainless steel dabber. If you look on the bottom of this bubbler, a detachable 2ml container can storage the extract for one hit.

When you breathe in, the smoke will come through the downstem and into the water. The slits in the downstem separate and filter the bubbly smoke through the water, allowing it to chill down rapidly.


Height  12.5m / 5 Inches
Weight  126g
Raw Material  Glass + Silicone
Customizing  Brand, Colors, Packaging
Packaging  Individual Pet Box
Advantage  Easily Carried
Percolator Type  Straight Perc
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Contact Form Demo (#3)