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Silicone Glass Dab Rig LED Flashy Long Neck 8.5”

This silicone glass dab rig can illuminate your late-night smoke sessions by color-changed shiny LED light, let your smoking experience romantic.

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Silicone Glass Dab Rig Smoking Weed Led Glowing Silicone Protected Portable Glass Water Pipe

When you inhale, the smoke will dive into and across the submerged slits of the diffuser glass downstem, after sufficient filtration and cooling down, flavorsome weed distillate will excite your all senses.

All parts are attachable for straight forward cleaning. This hybrid silicone glass dab rig is available in a selection of different colors: black, green, rasta, sky blue, brazilian and many other mixed colors.

Silicone + glass assorted components maintaining the cleanest and purest taste when the silicone base provide a certain extent of safety guarantee.

This silicone glass dab rig is 8.5 inches tall with mouthpiece attached. Perfect size for traveling allow you to enjoy puff when you are away from home. Glass downstem and flower bowl is included so you don’t need extra accessories to finish smoke sesh.

Lustrous smoke and shining water add radiance and beauty to each other which will let your smoking experience delightful and romantic.

Box Measurements: 12*7.8*7.8cm
Weight: 251g
Material: Glass + Silicone
Customizing: Brand, Colors, Packaging
Packaging: Individual Paper Box With Foam Protection
Advantage: Cool Shinny LED Smoke

1 x Long Neck Dab Rig
1 x 14mm Glass Bowl
1 x long glass mouthpiece
1 x Led Light
1 x Gift Box With Foam Protection

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Contact Form Demo (#3)