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Silicone Glass Smoking Pipe W/Cooling Spiral 5”

Self-cleaning twist-apart alien unbreakable silicone glass smoking pipe, it has a cooling spiral, can cools the smoke to avoid burning your mouth.

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Silicone Glass Smoking Pipe Spiral Design Smoke Filter

Perfect product and the most discerning of you Siliclab smoke shop in stock cheap price cleaning tool silicone water pipe

Self Cleaning Twist-Apart Alien Face Unbreakable, Honey Straw, Silicone Glass Tobacco Pipe, stands out in a crowd a little more than your average unbreakable silicone pipe.

This silicone glass smoking pipe is extremely easy to clean, you just simply twist it apart and clean with a paper towel or in the sink with soap and water as hot as your hands can handle !

It is a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends.

Silicone is flexible and can be carried around.

100% heat-resistant. Silicone does not retain heat, so it is easy to hold in your hand or pocket after use.

(Materials of spiral silicone glass smoking pipe)
Food platinum grade silicone, special glass tube.

Made of high-quality food-grade silicone
Glass Bowl Comes with Built-In Screen To prevent ash from going through
Glass Bowl is removable and replaceable.
Heat Resistant silicone material is great for long smoke sessions.
The pipe is constructed to have excellent airflow.
Easy to Clean silicone material makes cleaning easier than with glass pipes.
Pipe Length – 5.1*2.0 inches long

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Contact Form Demo (#3)