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Silicone Joint Holder Cigarette Blunt Ring 420

The silicone joint holder is made of platinum cured silicone with high flexibility. It has high scalability and can be easily adjusted on cigar and fingers.

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Silicone Joint Holder Convenient Smoking Accessories High Quality Silicone Finger Ring Heat Resistant Cigar Holder for Rolling Paper Cigarette Smoking Size-adjustable

Smoking cigarettes always leaves your fingers ashy and smelling like nicotine. Then you touch your hair and your face and the smell goes everywhere. You can now avoid having nicotine-smelling fingers thanks to this silicone joint holder finger ring. It will hold your cigarette for you while you are smoking so that when you finish the cigar, your fingers will not have that usual unattractive tobacco smell.

Constructed from high quality silicone, the silicone joint holder is heat-resistant and highly adaptable and it will easily adjust to your cigar and your finger. Thanks to its top-lining flexible material, the cigar holder will fit the diameter of any finger without being too tight. In addition, it is easy to wear and remove. You won’t have to put much effort. The cigar holder will easily slide into your finger.

With the silicone joint holder finger ring, you don’t need to stop your video game when you are smoking. It’s designed to free your hand. If you feel like smoking while playing PC games, or video games, this silicone cigar holder makes a great use on it. Collecting this silicone holder, you don’t have to stop your game to smoke a yacht.

And this is also an afforable gift for your game buddies, you get a goal together with your partner playing games while smoking buds. Now you can smoke without having to hold the cigarette with your fingers! The Smoking Ring will hold the cigarette for you and your hands will be free to play, drive, eat, work or simply relax.

Because it is made of fodable silicone materials, the smoking ring will fit any finger diameter without being too tight. In addition, it is easy to wear and tear down.

The silicone that has been used for the creation of the silicone joint holder cigar ring is of very high quality and it is, therefore, extremely durable. Your new Cigar Holder will not get ripped or overstretched. You can even wash it as often as you want to keep it clean from ashes, sweat, dirt, and dust. No matter how often you use it and how often you wash it, the silicone cigar holder will always be as good as new. Order your very own Convenient Smoking Accessories Silicone Finger Ring Cigar Holder today at Siliclab for an unbeatable price.

SKU: YCZB005-1
Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Smoking Accessories
Size: Adjustable Sizes
Weight: 5g
Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone
Color: 10 Random Colors
Base: Round
OEM: Logo Custom, Color Custom
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Rolling Paper, Cigarette, Herb Grinder, Tobacco Bowl, Dab Tool, etc.

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