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Silicone One Hitter Mini Dab Pipe with Insert Glass Bowl | 3.1 inch

Constructed with high quality food grade silicone, this one hitter mini hand pipe is damage-proof, which allows smoker to take it with to every smoke sessions. It is pocket-sized designed and with an attached hoop, so you can bring it with to safe trip.

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80 mm Logo Custom Smell Proof Unbreakable Silicone One Hitter Mini Dab Pipe with Insert Glass Bowl for Concentrate Honey Extract Smoking

This unbreakable, portable, silicone mini dab pipe will never get away from you. It is the most perfect pocket-sized hand pipe to carry along with you to every smoker occasions, and thanks to its silicone attached hoop you can even wear it around your neck by simply attaching it to a necklace cord. It is constructed from durable, heat resistant food grade silicone and features a glass insert bowl. It only measures 80 mm / 3.1 inches in length, pocket size, which makes it perfectly portable.

This unique design equips with a high quality insert glass bowl that is easy to detach in a matter of seconds, which makes it very simple to clean and maintain. The glass bowl preserves all the wonderful flavors that your herbs have to offer a lot better taste than any other material, so this one hitter mini dab pipe provides you with the best of both sides: optimal flavor preservation in a virtually unbreakable smoking pipe.

This pocket-size one hitter mini dab pipe is perfect for a quick hit no matter where you are. It is available in 10 random colors, and welcome to custom your own colors and logo. If you are looking for an affordable gift for your smoke buddies, or just in need of a portable hand pipe to bring along to a stoner party or smoking festival, this colorful one hitter mini dab pipe will definitely be one of your best options! Do not miss out and order your very own Silicone One Hitter Mini Dab Pipe with Insert Glass Bowl today, for an unbeatable price at Siliclab.

SKU  SYH0086
Brand  Siliclab
Category Asignments  Dry Pipe
Length  80 mm / 3.1 inches
Weight  10.5g
Material  100% Food Grade Silicone + Glass
Color  10 Random Colors
OEM  Logo Custom, Color Custom, Packaging Custom
Sell Model  Wholesale, Retail
Accessories  Lighter/Torch, Silicone Container, Dab Tool, etc
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