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Silicone Smoking Mouthpiece for Bong Pipes 2 inch

The Silicone Smoking Mouthpiece Filter can be used with bongs or with sponge filters, and the whole is compact and portable, very good.


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Silicone Smoking Mouthpiece Filter Silicone Smoking Filter Tip Multi-size Universal China Suppliers

Smoking Mouthpiece Filter, made of food-grade silicone material, have good compression resistance and flexibility.Non-toxic and BPA free, Tasteless, non-corrosive, environmental and scientific.
Conical design with a unique snap on the bottom of the silicone smoking mouthpiece. When you need to carry it when you go out, you can hang it at this position with a rope, which is very convenient for us to carry around. The tip part has a raised threaded ring, which allows us to play a stable role in the use of bongs or bubblers with smaller apertures.

When using with larger aperture bongs or bubbler, put the silicone smoking mouthpiece filter directly into the mouth of the mouthpiece, then press to make it firm and not fall off. It can be used alone or be used with a sponge filter and is suitable for many different caliber sizes, mainly used for tools such as glass bongs and glass tubes. Can also be used for glass bubblers with smaller bore sizes.

When in use, plug the silicone smoking mouthpiece into the smoking port of the glass bong, with a sponge filter, it can filter the smoke twice; or when you are smoking at a party with your friends, you can always carry this smoking Mouthpiece Filter , it can avoid the problem of exposure to many people smoking a glass bong when you smoke.

Welcome to contact us, we have various kinds of smoke pipes and accessories. I will send you a product catalog with price list and pictures. If you find something you like, I could offer you a full quote with shipment for reference, and help create order link or invoice for you.

Product Description: Silicone Smoking Mouthpiece Filter Tips
Material: Food Grade Silicone,
Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly, Non-stick and Durable,Portable,High temperature resistance;
Shape: Round;
Weight: 32g/1pc;
Size:Diameter 2.0 inch/51.5mm,Height 2.1 inch/ 54.5mm;
We have ten product colors for you to choose.
This product is mainly used for various smoking tools, suitable for a variety of bore sizes.10MM,12MM,14MM,16MM,18MM and more.
We can accept customized LOGO patterns for you.

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