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Silicone Straight 2 Piece Bong 14 Inch 10 Colors

If you are seeking for an affordable water pipe to a stoner party, then this damage-proof silicone straight 2 piece bong is one of your greatest options.

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Silicone Straight 2 Piece Bong Separable Water Pipe | Random Color | 14.4 Inch

Multi-colors Silicone Straight Separable Water Bong Smoking Water Pipe for Tobacco Dry Herb Smoking

How does silicone straight 2 piece bong Looks ?
Not only at parties but also in smoking sessions, can this elegant straight silicone tube bong impress all your dear friends.

This colorful silicone smoking straight bong is made of flexible food-grade silicon rubber, smell proof and is an ideal option for secure transportation and outdoor use.

With 365 mm / 14.4 inch in height, The straight separable bong is coming with a rimmed mouthpiece, a female joint which fits 14mm male glass bowl and glass or silicone downstem.

With a circular base, this silicone straight 2 piece bong can stand stably. Its portable design makes it easy to carry and easy for cleaning the inside due to its separable body.

How to Use this silicone straight 2 piece bong ?
When to use, pour water into the bong, load a glass bowl with your milled herbs, light it up and inhale through the mouthpiece. When the smoke is inhaled into the bubbling water, it will be filtered out, resulting in a clean and delicious taste, which is rich in flavor and less irritating to the throat. We recommend placing a silicone mouthpiece with activated carbon filter to prevent excess ash and debris from entering your throat when smoking.

This bright and colorful silicone straight 2 piece bong is ideal for daily use and is the perfect choice for parties, festivals and outdoor smoking sessions. Whether you are a greenhand in smoking or just looking for a new damage-proof smoking bong to share with your friends, this great and affordable straight silicone bong is one of the best options.

Order your random colored silicone straight bong today at Siliclab for an unparalleled price with continuous inventory !

SKU: SYH1005
Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Bong
Height: 365 mm / 14.4 inches
Weight: 498g
Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone
Color: Random Color
Base: Round
OEM: Logo Custom, Color Custom
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Lighter/Torch, Mill Grinder, Glass Bowl, Glass/Silicone Downstem

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