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Skull Wax Container 15ml Silicone Popular Oil Jar

Skull wax container 15ml silicone concentrate oil jar is one of the coolest and most popular silicone wax container for smoking accessories.

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Skull Wax Container 15ml Silicone Tobacco Smokeshop Oil Jar Weed Container

In SILICLAB. The 15ml silicone skull wax container is a storage wax jar with a moderate capacity. Because In general sizes, silicone wax containes is 2ml 3ml 5ml 7ml 10ml and so on.  This silicone dab container has a peculiar design, in the shape of a skull. This is why we have named it the 15ml silicone storage skull wax container.

Common silicone storage wax container are usually made up of two parts, and when we need to store something, the lid can be removed. The design of the silicone skull wax container has been perfectly detailed with the sunken eyes, nose, ears and exposed teeth. We use food grade silicone in the production.

The silicone wax container are also airtight, heat resistant and easy to clean. These should be the reason for the popularity of the 15ml silicone storage skull wax container.

For the colour scheme of the product, we have used 10 of SILICLAB’s signature colours and made them available in stock. And the silicone skull wax container is easy to store and can be placed nicely on a flat object. Because of its unique shape, It is also can be a piece of art that can be used as a display for smoking accessories. Great for displaying in your home or in your smoking kit!

The smoker use the silicone skull wax container to storage. When you smoking, it can gives a different sense of scope, giving the smoker a different feeling of smoking and adding to the atmosphere!

If you like its cool look and would also like a smaller sized silicone skull wax container, no problem, at SILICLAB we can accommodate you as this skull design we also have in a 3ml size! You are free to give your ideas then we will offering you a wide range of options!

Item 15ml Skull Silicone Wax Container
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Capacity 15ml
Size 2.36*1.57inch/60*40mm
Weight 29g
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