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Sliver 125mm Stainless Steel Dabber

The sliver 125mm stainless steel dabber product it’s acts as a smoker’s extractor for smoker when smoking!

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The 125mm stainless steel dabber is a classic smoking accessory. It acts as a smoker’s extractor for smoking paste tobacco etc. For the production of our products 125mm dabber, we have chosen stainless steel raw material. Generally in smoking accessories, the raw material for the production of many dabbers is iron. But SILICLAB makes all of them the smoking dabber in stainless steel, which prolongs the usability of the dabber and does not rust. It also allows the whole product to achieve better effect.

The two ends of the dabber are of a different design, one section being the tip design and the other end being the ear scoop design. The different designs also play different roles, for example the tip of the dabber, which we can use to extract the residue created during smoking, to pick things out and also to act as a cleaning tool for smoking accessories etc. The design of the end of the dabber ear pick, on the other hand, is used to extract wax smoke paste, etc. Although it is a small accessory, it can play a big role in the smoking process and bring convenience to the smoker.

The middle end of the dabber is a rounded tube shape with 3 rounded dimples that we have designed on each of the 2 ends of the middle end. It acts as a good anti-scratch, so that when you place the dabber on a flat object, they do not easily scratch away or fall off. At this middle end, we have also kept a small smooth section. This area makes it easy to pick up the dabber. It also has the advantage of being hidden so that if you want to customise a dabber, then we can print the logo and brand in this position. They also support other customisations, such as with the silicone ear dabber protectors or PVC tubes styles!

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