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Smoking Accessories Grinder China Supplier

New Degradable Material Grinder Use For Weed Tobacco Dry Herb Grinding Smoking Accessories

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New Degradable Material Grinder Smoking Accessories Weed Herb Grinders China Supplier

Degradable Material Smoking Grinder,made of degradable material, non-toxic and BPA free, Tasteless, non-corrosive, environmental and scientific.

This new type of grinder is very different from the traditional grinder.

First of all, in terms of the material, the traditional grinders in the past are made of metal materials. The grinders made of metal materials have the luster of metal and the hardness of metal, which is also very convenient for us to grind and use. But the metal grinder will oxidize the metal after using it for a long time, so we can not continue to use it. Moreover, because the metal grinder is made of metal material, the product itself is relatively heavy, which is very inconvenient to carry.

Our new grinder is optimized for the associated advantages and disadvantages. We use a new type of degradable material to make the grinder, although it can’t be as hard as metal, but its material hardness is enough for us to use and grind. And this material is degradable and will not pollute the environment.When we use it for a long time, we can directly replace it with a new one, and its cost is also very low, only one-third of the metal grinder.

When we design, we also take into account the problem of portability. The new material grinder is much lighter than metal grinders, and it is also very light and simple in design. Most metal grinders are designed with three or four layers, while our new grinder is designed in two parts. When in use, put the weed and tobacco directly, and then rotate to grind. After rotating and grinding, pour the ground weed and tobacco into the relevant storage container. This grinder can also achieve the grinding effect we need.

We have designed the grinders of this new material in a variety of different colors, the color design makes them look more stylish and attractive.

All our products have passed food-grade testing, so you can use our products with confidence.

Welcome to contact us, we have various kinds of smoke pipes and accessories. I will send you a product catalog with price list and pictures. If you find something you like, I could offer you a full quote with shipment for reference, and help create order link or invoice for you.

Product Description New Degradable Material Grinder Smoking Accessories Weed Herb Grinders
Material  Degradable Material;
Feature  Stocked, Eco-Friendly, Non-stick and Durable,Portable;
Shape  Round shape;
Weight  42g/1pc;
Size  Diameter 2.1 inch / 53.8 mm, Height 1.0 inch / 25.5 mm;
Accessories None;
You Can Choose Color Black,White,Red,Blue,Purple,Green or Mix color
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Contact Form Demo (#3)