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Squid Game Silicone Hand Pipe W/Glass Bowl 4.4”

Squid Game silicone hand Pipe is a 4.4” handheld silicone pipe with 3 different characters. The most ingenious part is its changable mask design !

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Squid Game Silicone Hand Pipe different character design Tobacco pipes Silicone hand smoking pipe

The design of the squid game silicone pipe was inspired by a Korean TV series “The Squid Game”. There are three styles geometric symbols in the show, which are “circle”, “triangle” and “square”. The game is called Squid Game because the shape of the game resembles the shape of a squid.

The circle is the head of the squid, the triangle is the body of the squid and the square is the bottom of the squid. We designed the squid smoking pipe with round, triangular, and square shapes based on the characters in the TV series with different masks.

The most interesting part is also the squid game silicone hand pipe’s masks. Because They represent different meanings, symbols and representations. For example, the triangle: religiously speaking, the Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Circle: A circle represents completeness, wholeness, and unity. Square : symbolizes order, stability, and security. In “The Squid Game” symbolizes the governor.

The number is also the least among them. A square may be appear or disappear in a circle, or appear or disappear in a triangle. The squid game silicone hand pipe is a smaller and lighter handheld tobacco pipe That easy to use and easy to carry on the go.

And with the most selection of colors, we made a total of 12 silicone colors, including the most popular pink color. Many girls should like this color. The other 11 colors are also very beautiful silicone color scheme. When use it, you need to remove the mask of the squid pipe so that you will find a small porous glass bowl where you can store the tobacco weed for use.

This squid game silicone hand pipe design is also different from other hand-held pipes, as many models carry a glass bowl that can be seen directly, but with the Squid Pipe we have cleverly stored the glass bowl under the head mask, which will be better protects the glass bowl when not in use.

And The head of the squid silicone hand pipe is designed with a venting hole to allow for better smoking. Its entire size is also perfectly designed to allow you to enjoy smoking in a short time. Because It has 3 different character designs, If you want, can also feel free to change its mask part. in this way you will easily have 3 different character designs. At the same time can bring you a different kind of fun.

The mask part of squid silicone hand pipe we also support the sale of separate. If you want to have other silicone color matching, we also support customization! About packing, Each product comes with an individual opp bag packaging. Then we will choose the right outer carton to pack according to your order.We also support the need to package products in sets or custom packaging! If you like its character design, Please have your own squid smoking pipes as soon as possible! SILICLAB welcomes you!!!

Item Squid Game Silicone Hand Pipe
Material Food Grade Silicone+Glass
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 4.4*1.2inch/112*29.8mm
Weight 38g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)