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Tilted Silicone Bong 14 Inch 2 Pcs w/ Percolator

14 Inches tilted silicone bong is a perfect replacement for glass bongs. It is 2 pieces design, very easy to clean. Silicone body makes it unbreakable.

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Tilted Silicone Bong 360mm in Length Wholesale Smoke Store Tobacco Smoking Water Pipe

Tilted 360mm in length silicone bong :

The reason why silicone bong is used as an alternative to glass bong is because of the special nature of silicone material. When you use it or lend it to other friends, there is a chance that the bong will be damaged due to an accidental collision during use, such accidents not only spoil the fun, and also may cause harm to the user, but use of silicone bong will not have to worry about this problem, silicone has a very strong stability.

You can use this tilted silicone bong as much as you want within the normal range, and will not be damaged. The silicone we use is food grade material, you can rest assured to use . The tilt design allows you to enjoy smoking in various positions (whether lying or sitting). The design of the bottom suction cup can make it more stable adsorption on the desktop.

The tilted silicone bong is designed in two removable parts because it is easier to clean and carry. In addition, this product has a total of ten colors for you to choose from, you can also customize according to your favorite color. That’s why silicone bongs are the best alternative to glass bongs.

Tilt design concept: In our daily life, the shape of the bong are upright, when we lie down, can not enjoy them well, only standing or sitting to use it well, otherwise there will be some very strange posture, so we will bong designed with suction cups at the bottom, and is tilt design, so that we can fully enjoy them when lying down! enjoy them!

How to use tilted silicone bong :

1, we use the glass bowl and insert rod and bong connected to a whole, and then to the bong to add the right amount of water (water can filter the impurities after burning, and make the smoke temperature lower), in the glass bowl into the weed hay, ignite them can enjoy.

2, the titanium nail and bong connected to a new combination, and then use a high-temperature torch against the titanium nail to Heat up, when the temperature reaches a certain level, add oil or wax to the titanium nail bowl, cover it with a cap, and enjoy.

Material Food grade silicone
Size 360mm
Weight 521g
OEM Service Accepted
Sample Available
Payment TT(Bank transfer Payment Way)/Western Union/Alibaba Credit Insurance Transaction Order
Package Standard export packing carton with individual poly bag
Delivery Express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS .etc), Air Cago and by Sea
DHL express: 5-8 working days
UPS and FedEx: 10-12 working days
Air Shipment: 14-18 working days
Sea Shipment: 30-40 working days

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