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Titanium Carb Cap 22.5mm with Detachable Dabber

Titanium carb cap 22.5mm is the perfect ecnomic option for smokers who dabbing a lot. You have it, you don’t need to buy dabbers anymore.

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Titanium Carb Cap 22.5mm and 25.5mm for Dab Rig with Reversed Dab Tool Multifunction

Every dab rig smoker will need a carb cap. By trapping that heat, the carb cap is used to create a consistant temperature within the surface area of the nail surface to evenly and efficiently vaporize your essential oils.

We have 2 different size of the cap : Titanium carb cap 22.5mm and 25.5mm.

The point of using a titanium carb cap is to obtain full vaporization at the lowest temperatures possible. In addition to trapping that heat and vapor, the restriction of air in the rig itself drops the pressure in the rig.

There is a small hole on the edge of the titanium carb cap 22.5mm to creates a fluent
airfolw. By providing insulation this titanium can also provide protection from the wind for outdoor applications. The top of the titanium carb cap has been tapped so that you may attach any different shafts.

Cap Diameter: 22.5mm & 25.5mm
Net Weight: 25g
Material: Gr2 Titanium
Customizing: Laser Engraved Logo, Colors, Packaging
Advantage: Heat Resistanct Multi Function
Use For: Dab Rig Concentrate Smoking
Work with: Titanium Nail

1 x 25mm Carb Cap

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Contact Form Demo (#3)