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UFO Bong Awesome Silicone Glass dab rig 8.9”

UFO Bong is a very creative and imaginative silicone glass water pipe, which uses the element of flying saucer at the top and can glows in dark.

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UFO Bong glowing outer space silicone water bubbler tobacco hookahs smoking pipes

A popular product UFO water hookah because its design originated from UFOs.

UFO refers to an object of unknown origin, unknown nature, floating and flying in the sky. “The term “UFO” comes from the U.S. Air Force’s “Blue Book Project”.whose first director was Captain Edward Ruppelt, who officially coined the term “UFO”.

The beginning of contemporary interest in UFOs began in the 1940s with the sighting of glowing elliptical discs over the United States, which newspapers at the time referred to as “oval luminaries,” and later focused on reports of UFOs around the world.

About the unique design of UFO Bong

We design made it of silicone and glass. The top is in the shape of a flying saucer, the middle end is glass, and the bottom end is also made of silicone.The entire product appearance is very cleverly combined with the characteristics of flying saucers UFOs.

In all 3 parts of UFO Bong, we have designed surprises. At the top of the hookah, the disc-shaped circle of the saucer glows in the dark and is designed with 2 layers of disc-shaped circles.

The smoke spout of the water pipe is also designed here.At the middle end is made of glass, which makes the whole product more imaginative and viewable.

For example, when smoking,can see exactly how much water need to pour into the water pipe.At the same time you can better enjoy the whole smoking process.

We also have connected the silicone stem of the hookah in this part,which is more convenient than the average water smoking pipes. When using it only a 14mm glass bowl or banger be need.

On the outside of the UFO Bong silicone bottom, we designed a lot of interesting characters and patterns. Among them are aliens and tobacco plants and trees, as well as other creatures and animals. Like a primeval forest. These scenes are all be carved the silicone base of the UFO water hookah!

Another important design is that the overall components of the hookah can be disassembled or installed at will, which is convenient for vapers to clean the product better after smoking. It is also very easy to assemble after the cleaning is done !

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Contact Form Demo (#3)