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V12 Compact Glass Blunt Kit 4 Inches

If you are interested in a long burning, paperless glass blunt, this V12 pipe is a great choice. Providing a deep mellow draw, it can holds a large amount of dry herb. Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and clean. Heavy-duty thick glass can resist moderately shaking.

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V12 Glass Weed Herb Smoking Twisty Glass Blunt Glass Joint

A small insert with the easiest way to load the blunt or even a recommendation of loading would have been useful. Once you drop enough flower on the floor and figure it out it’s pretty smooth but it’s basically just a lot of packaging for a small blunt.

There is no fuss rolling process comparing to paper joint. You only need to load your favorite herb by counterclockwise screwing. Not to mention the ease with which this blunt can be used in conjunction with a water pipe or bong . As it is provided with a firm, multi size rubber mouth peace that will fit any 14 mm pipes.

Ashing is also convenient you only need to turn the mouthpiece clockwisely then the ash will fall out leaving fresh herb. It features a helix metal inside, which cools the smoke before it arrive to your mouth and gives you the smoothest puffs.


Length  4 Inches / 100mm
Box size  12.4*5.8*2.5cm
Tube Diameter  1.5cm
Weight  59g
Material  Glass Tube+Iron Framework
Packaging  Individual Gift Box
Advantage  Portable, Quick Hit


1 x V12 Glass Blunt
1 x Brush
1 x Replacement Rubble Ring


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Contact Form Demo (#3)