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Venom Silicone Pipe Dry Herb Weed Smoking 5.7”

Venom silicone pipe was designed in very early silicone smoking accessories market. Its popularity has lasted until now and has never waned!

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Venom Silicone Pipe Silicone Smoking Tobacco Hand Pipe for Dry Herb Weed Smoking

Venom comes from the science fiction movie 《Venom: Deadly Guardians.  As a result of this inspiration, we designed the Venom Silicone Pipe with a snake head. On the back of the pipe’s stem, we carved a large spider element, and for the glass bowl storage we chose the snake head.

The details of the entire Venom Silicone Pipe are very well designed. For example, the snake’s tongue, eyes, teeth, and other details are carved. We chose white for the teeth and eyes details. The smoking pipe snake’s head is based on the color of the silicone smoking pipe.

The Venom Silicone Pipe is available in 9 different colors, and has the largest selection of single colors in SILICLAB. It also has 5 color ways with multiple color blends. One of the most popular colors is black. other 8 colors also very hot sale.

The length of the pipe is 5.7inch and the width of the snake head is 1.8inch. The venom silicone pipe itself is light in weight and easy to carry around. The whole product has a very cool look and feel. The Venom Silicone Pipe is also a very classic handheld smoking pipe that was designed early and popular in very early silicone smoking accessories.

It’s popularity has lasted until now and has never diminished.

When you want to smoke, just put some tobacco in the glass bowl of the venom silicone pipe, light it, and smoke. When smoking, the silicone smoking pipe is accompanied by a small hole design which helps to exhaust the smoke. The small handheld venom silicone pipe also allows smokers to quickly enjoy the process of smoking.

The raw material for product making, we use food grade silicone, the product is high temperature resistant and easy to clean. The product carries glass accessories glass bowl is also easy to clean and high quality. Each product is carefully crafted in SILICLAB!

Item Venom smoking pipe for smoking
Material Food grade silicone+glass
Packaging Individual opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 5.7*1.8in/145.6*46mm
Weight 66g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.

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