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Waterproof PP Stash Box Big 3 Color 21*12.5*5.4cm

Waterproof PP Stash Box can help you storage your dry herb and smoking accessories. It is smell-proof and water-proof, very safe andconvenient.

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Waterproof PP Stash Box Outdoor Storage Box With Lid Big Shockproof Crush-proof Survival Tool Organizer Sealed Case Container

Waterproof PP Stash Box Portable Lightweight Plastic Case Container Emergency Tool Storage Holder for Outdoor Boating Kayaking Hiking

Suitable for the storage of gadgets to help you carry them safely and conveniently,and the lid can help you carry this storage case freely without worrying that the gadgets will fall to the ground easily.

1. This Big waterproof PP stash box storage case is waterproof, shockproof, crush-proof, damp-proof, and dustproof
2. As it comes with the black several locks, this waterproof PP satsh box can keep things from the splashing water. it can be soaked in the water. If the water pressure is too high, it will also leak the water. In all, it can keep its interior dry in the moderate and light rain and can float on the water

The 210*125*54mm shockproof lining covers the interior part of this storage case to effectively protect the things inside it away from bumping and breaking,the colors currently in stock are, black, gray, orange, three sizes, welcome to order.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)