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Wax Carving Tool Rainbow Stainless Steel Tools for Dab Accessories

Wax Tools Set: Premium 410 stainless steel wax carving tool complete with point and scoop ends for advanced handling.

Non-slip handle: Knurled handles provide excellent grip, even with wet hands

Tool: Premium element tool complete with point and scoop ends for advanced texturing element scraper design for convenience, one end is made for Scooping, forming and the other for carving and details

Maintenance: Stainless steel composition cleans easily with rubbing alcohol and lasts a lifetime with proper care.

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10 Pieces Wax Carving Tool Wax Tool Carving Tool Stainless Steel Sculpting Tool Spoon (Rainbow, Silver)

This stainless steel dabber is perfect for anyone looking to scoop up some concentrate and be able to dab it into a banger or nail. These dabber are the most basic dabbing tool you need to be able to dab properly.

It comes two sided with both of them being very useful. One side is a spoon to be able to pick your wax up. The other side is a spear which is sharp enough to carve your concentrate out of hard to get creases.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)