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Weed Scale Digital with High Precision 500g/0.01

This weed scale is a very useful tool for accurate weight. With it, you can precisely control your intake of weed each time to avoid excessive intake.

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Do smokers have the habit of controlling the weight of wax or tobacco when they smoke? If so, then this weed scale will be the best choice for you.

The scale is placed in a black box with dimensions of 12.7*7.4*1.8cm. On the back of the box, you can see the scale’s usage and precautions. The weed scale, with three buttons, each with its own function. Place the tobacco on the scale, and the zip code will display the corresponding weight, so you can choose according to the weight. The weight can be accurate to a fraction of a kilogram, which is very useful.

Why use a scale?

Because some wax or tobacco has very strong properties, if used in excess, will have an impact on the safety of human life, so in the use of users, need to control the dose, all this time the existence of electronic weed scale significance is reflected.

Of course, this scale is not only used in the smoking industry, in some delicate food preparation, we need to control the ingredients and ingredients in grams, this time we will We need the help of the scale, otherwise the process of food preparation does not achieve a perfect balance, will cause an imbalance in the ratio, resulting in the taste of food is not so perfect.

Item The activated carbon filter
Material Prefilter cotton, Activated carbon cotton , Kraft paper
Packaging Customized services supported
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 24mm*10mm/0.9in*0.4in
Weight 1.1g
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