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Rick Silicone Ashtray 3.5” Attractive 3D Pattern

The Rick silicone ashtray is heat resistant, damage proof & wind proof. This high-quality Rick silicone ashtray will add beauty to wherever you place it.

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Rick Silicone Ashtray Unbreakable Damage-proof Beautiful Smoking Accessories Rick and Morty Silicone Ashtray for Convenient Smoking

This unbreakable Rick silicone ashtray is not only a beautifully made smoking tool, but also greatly improves your smoking style.

This high-quality ashtray will add beauty to your desk, desktop or wherever you place it. Constructed from top quality silicone, this Rick silicone ashtray is very durable, damage proof and also wind proof.

It measures 3.5 inches / 88 mm in diameter, and 1.2 inches / 30 mm in height. The most popular character, Rick, who is from Rick and Morty TV drama, is designed into the surface of the ashtray shapping with a raised nose.

The raised nose aims to easily chean your glass bowl after herb smoking. Just put the glass bowl into the raised nose and twist few times to let the left over fall down from the bowl.

Made of high quality silicone, the Rick silicone ashtray is heat resistant and can also be cleaned by soapy water easily.

Compared with glass or crystal ashtray, using a silicone ashtray doesn’t need to worry about damage when the ashtray falls down from table.

The Rick silicone ashtray’s unique style matches the function. This Rick silicone ashtray has a very thick base, excellent stability, and a raised nose, which can remove stubborn left over in your bowl and pipe. The beautiful ashtray is windproof without worrying any damage to the surface and the ashtray itself.

The high-quality structure matches the equally impressive portable design style. It is damage-proof during transportation, and is reusable for years if looked after correctly. The Rick silicone ashtray is available in 5 colors: Black, Yellow, Blue, Grey and Green. Just pick your prefered colors with an affordable price in Siliclab while stock lasts.

Brand: Siliclab
Category Asignments: Smoking Accessories
Sizes: 3.5 x 1.2 inches / 88 x 30 mm
Weight: 71g
Material: 100% Food Grade Silicone
Color: Black, Yellow, Blue, Grey and Green
Base: Round and Flat
OEM: Logo Custom, Color Custom
Sell Model: Wholesale, Retail
Accessories: Lighter, Smoking Pipe, Herb Grinder, Tobacco Bowl, Dabber, etc.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)