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50mm 4-Part Zinc Alloy Metal Herb Grinder with Magnetic Lid | 2.0 inch

Portable design, carry it with you to every smoking parties. Too much teeth makes your herb into powder, not enough teeth, why bother using a grinder then? This 50mm medium size zinc alloy herb grinder has sharp CNC teeth in proper amount, which makes mill smoking in ease.

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Wholesale Logo Custom Portable 4-layer Zinc Alloy Metal Herb Grinder Magentic Top Milling Tobacco Dry Herb for Easy Smoking

As one of the hottest 4-layer herb grinders on the market right now, this 50mm zinc alloy metal grinder is popular for its medium portable size. Measures 2.0 inches in diameter, and is made from premium zinc alloy metal with a colored exterior. Stocked colored options includes black, silver, blue, and grey. Rainbow color on 50mm zinc alloy herb grinder is also accepted to custom.

The 4-part medium size metal herb crusher is the absolute king of herbal grinders. The absolute ability to mill numbers of herbs at one time is unparalleled. CNC teeth have sharp edges, and even the toughest herbs will be torn and pulled apart, leaving a pile of ground but well grinded herbs in the lowest part of the grinder. There is a metal screen at the thrid layer, which only allows the finest grinded herb stash through to the final compartment, where it can be safely preserved for later use.

Each grinder has zinc alloy CNC sharp teeth which grounds your herb of your choice into fine and even amounts when twisted. The first layer of the grinder is held with magnets, with a spill-proof magnet, which helps minimize the chance of your lid opening up in the event of your grinder falling out of your hand. The magnet helps keep the lid sealed and shut, also lessen your effort when milling the buds. Each zinc alloy herb gridner comes with a pollen catcher which includes in the last layer and the pollen catcher has been carefully selected.

Perfect for daily use, this 50mm zinc alloy herb grinder is a great added potion to any smoker kit, and stocked availably in the following colors: Black, Silver, Blue, and Grey. Please select the color of your choice from the four options in our website when placing your order. Rainbow color on 50mm grinder is also acceptable, colored logo custom on the top is welcome. This high quality, 50mm 4-Part Zinc Alloy Metal Herb Grinder with Magnetic Lid will be durably last for years if took care correctly and is available to order today, for an unbeatable price at Siliclab.

Brand  Siliclab
Category Asignments  Smoking Accessories
Diameter  50mm/2.0 inches
Height  37 mm / 1.5 inches
Weight  120g
Material  Zinc Alloy
Color  Black, Silver, Blue, Grey and Custom Rainbow Color
Base  Round
OEM  Multiple Colored Logo Custom
Sell Model  Wholesale, Retail
Accessories  Tobacco Hand Pipes, Water Bubbler Pipe, Lighter / Torch, Herb Stash Bowl, Dab Tool, etc.
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