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Colour Printing Round Shape Silicone Ashtray

This is a round silicone ashtray with a variety of logo prints, and it also supports a wide range of custom styles!

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Wholesale 420 tobacco silicone ashtray custom smoking ash tray weed accessories

This is a solid colour round silicone ashtray with a logo print. The colour of the ashtray itself is black and the logo is printed on the inside bottom of the round ashtray. We currently design and produce 11 different styles black solid colour round ashtrays with different logo prints. In those styles. It is have popular rick morty character design print, as well as Spider-Man and more. The ashtrays are made from food grade silicone, which makes them safe, drop resistant, high temperature resistant, non-toxic and odourless, non-deforming, good to the touch and beautiful to look at.

Compared to ashtrays made from other materials, it has the advantages of low cost, unique shape, durability, environmental protection, long life, plasticity and easy cleaning. Among the silicone products, ashtrays have become a very common household item, it is generally used for smokers. In life, it is usually found in homes, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, bars KTV and other smoking places. So, why is it so popular? Because it is extremely unique in its own right, the use of silicone raw materials gives it a wealth of creativity, like the printing on its base, which is the focal point of this product. It also shows the freedom of imagination when it comes to ashtrays, which we can then customise any wants of people.

Whether it is the colour of the silicone ashtray or the printing of the logo and brand, we all support customisation. The shape of the silicone ashtray is also. Most importantly, it saves a lot of costand the silicone ashtray itself is light in weight, which makes it easily portable. In addition, it is very practical. Because of its unique logo print, beautiful appearance, it can also be used as a gift. It is also a piece of art. Pick up a round silicone ashtray with your favourite logo print ASAP!

Item Round Shape Silicone Ashtray
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Individual Opp bag
Color Black Or Custom
MOQ 1Pcs
Size 3.4*1.2inch/87*30mm
Weight 62g
SILICLAB Services Fast response to satisfied after-sales. etc.
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Contact Form Demo (#3)