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Hemp Wick 100% Natural Organic Lighter Free 100cm

Made from organic Hemp and Beewax, hemp wick is a natural and fume-free way to light your blends while adding an extra punch of flavour.

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Hemp Wick Siliclab 100% Natural Lighter Alternatives Smoking Accessories

Stock up hemp wicks, a great alternative to traditional lighters and matches !

It burns slowly with nice results every time. Simply use a flame to light your hemp wick and extinguish after every use. It’s the best lighter alternatives.

Our hemp wick is a flammable stem made from natural hemp fibers impregnated with beeswax that will provide you with an enhanced and extraordinary experience. Several benefits are indeed associated with it.

Less harmful to health: the wick lighter is free of the gases and chemicals found in other ignition accessories.
100% organic and natural
More numerous, smoother and tastier inhalations of your herbs: The wick lighter burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, allowing for smoother and more numerous inhalations, in addition to allowing you to taste more of your herbs.
Increased lighting precision: usage of beeswax on hemp wicks allows to keep the rigidity of the wick and to better direct the flame.
You’ll be hooked from your first inhalation! If you want to adopt a more natural way of consumption, this wick lighter is ideal for you!

Instructions for use :

Light the tip of the cord and tilt up or down to control the flame strenght.

Warning: Caution flammable. Keep away from children. Always make sure the flame is totally extinguished after every use. Be careful not to burn yourself. Beeswax may drip during use.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)