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Pocket Ashtray Pouch Lightweight Fireproof 8*8cm

This pocket ashtray pouch is fireproof and lightweight, it is a best portable ashtray when you’re outside and want to relax and take a smoke.

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Pocket Ashtray Pouch EVA+ PVT Square Ash Tray With Lids Portable and Lightweight

This pocket ashtray pouch is an excellent solution to flicking your ashes. With great themes, you could be inspired while you’re traveling, sitting on a back porch relaxing – maybe with your cat, dreaming big ideas, and planning your next vacation around the world. Handy for the “neat, tidy, and courteous” smoker who wants to extinguish quickly, be safe, and odour-free.

Minibin portable ashtray pouch from SILICLAB are a soft, clean, odour free solution for keeping cigarette ends stored safely in a pocket or hand bag when there are no cigarette bins close to hand.

Keep the environment cleaner with this practical and useful accessory! The SILICLAB Pocket Ashtray features a fireproof lining and sturdy button clasp that locks in odor while allowing consumers to extinguish up to five lit cigarettes. Also available in soft-touch eva+ pvt material.

No smell, no mess and no fine for littering.
Pop in, pop closed. No need to stub. When full, simply empty the into a suitable waste bin and reuse.

Custom Portable Ashtray Pocket Smoking Supplie Ash Storage Pouch Bag Holder.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)