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Protective Bong Sleeve Silicone Dab Rig Skin 3Pcs

The protective bong sleeve is a dry herb weed tobacco smoking accessory used to protect glass bong and dab rig. It is made of food grade silicone.

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Protective Bong Sleeve Glass Water Pipe Silicone Protector Skin Set

420 Smokeshop Custom Glass Water Hookahs Silicone Protection Ring Set Smoking Accessories

There are 3 sizes of silicone protective bong sleeve breaker protection ring set. They are ф51mm 76mm 101mm. We designed the honeycomb element on top of the product to make it more attractive! The honeycomb elements are also extremely popular in smoking accessories, so you can easily find other honeycomb water pipes accessories to match your protective ring.

And the protective bong sleeve are all made of food grade silicone. It’s with high temperature resistance and toughness.

These 3 sizes of silicone breaker bong protection ring set can be used for almost all different sizes of glass water bongs and rigs bubblers. The range of each size is approximately: ф51mm/ф2.01 for 2.01~2.68inch, ф76mm/ф2.99 for 2.99~3.94inch, and ф101mm/ф3.98 for 3.98~5.71inch.

So why should we have this protective bong sleeve ?

Its most important role is to play a protective role for our glass water pipe hookahs. For example, when a smoker wants to smoke, we can take out a silicone protection ring that fits the size of our hookah, put the ring on the bottom of the hookah and then smoke, which can effectively prevent the glass hookah from being broken by unintentional touching situations.

Also putting the protective bong sleeve ring on the bottom of the glass hookah can effectively help the hookah to be placed on a flat object. Putting the protective ring over the rest of the glass hookah can also play a non-slip role, which facilitates smoking enthusiasts to smoke and hold the hookah better with their hands when picking it up.

Silicone protective bong sleeve ring covers are not only suitable for glass hookahs, but also for many household items that are needed in life, such as drinking glasses, thermos bottles, jars for storing oil, salt and sauce, glass vases, dinner plates and so on.

At SILICLAB, we make this product in 10 colors and have it in stock. If you are a smoking lover or a life lovers , when you learn about this product, we hope you can take it home, because it will bring you more surprises than you expected!

Item Silicone protective bong sleeve set
Material Food Grade Silicone
Packaging Opp bag
MOQ 1Pcs
Size ф51mm  ф76mm  ф101mm
Weight 40g
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