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Silicone Glass Hand Pipe W/Cooling Columnar 5”

This Silicone glass hand pipe has a clear borolicate glass tube & a columnar cooling part, which can cooling your smoke to avoid getting burned.

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Silicone Glass Hand Pipe 5 inches with Glass Bowl Glass Holder Tube and Columnar Cooling Part for Herb Weed Smoking

This SILICLAB designed silicone hand pipe has a clear transparent glass holder tube, which you can see smoke flow clearly. Inside the tube, is a structure with dense columnar bodies.

The smoke is generated from the glass bowl in front of the silicone glass hand pipe holder and is then partially consumed by the dense silicone column as it passes through the cooling structure of this column, thus making the smoke less hot. This will prevent you from burning your mouth with the smoke you inhale.

In addition, after many uses and constant condensation through the column of this silicone glass hand pipe, some of the wax is left on the column. The non-stick nature of our silicone column makes it easy for this wax to be collected and can be sucked up again.

1, Using 100% food grade silicone material; easy to carry products, easy to clean.
2, The use of silicone material is very flexible; good flexibility of the product, not easy to change the shape, very strong
3, High temperature resistance.
4, With longer life than other materials; greasy, corrosion-resistant, resistant to microwave radiation

Item specifics:

Material: 100% food grade silicone  + borolicate glass

Package Include: 1* silicone Smoking Pipe Note: The quality is guaranteed!

The flexible silicone allows you to pack, carry, and transport your Silicone Smoking Pipe just about anywhere without fear of it breaking. Includes glass bowl.

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